Windows 7 – Weighing Out the Pros and Cons

A Windows 7 Home Premium download   can give you a lot of creative boost for your home and business computing. It has practically become the ultimate successor for Windows XP because it has succeed where Windows Vista couldn’t. That being said, let’s examine some of the pros and cons of this OS.

windows 7 home prem

Now let’s start with the Advantages of Windows 7.

First there’s the Action Center – this is not the same as XP that liters different features every where. This time around, Windows 7 has carefully grouped everything so that you can easily look for them in the Action Center. Related to that is the Windows Media Center – this helps you locate your digital media files much better.

Much better security without all the pop-ups. In Windows 7, there is an awesome middle-ground between protecting you and bombarding you with different features. Windows 7, by default as an OS is more secure than its predecessors.

Windows 7 has a problem steps recorder that allows you to record activity including keyboard hits and clicks of a mouse – this makes it easier for technicians to locate errors and to better repair your system you need to.

Aero Peek allows you to preview what’s inside an application by just hovering on top of it. This makes it much more organized and intuitive than XP. And in relation to this is the Improved Taskbar – this allows you to arrange different icons and is especially helpful if you are the type of worker who opens a lot of windows simultaneously.

Windows 7 is generally compatible with most PC’s and laptops. It is practically the future. It does evolve into Windows 8 and later, Windows 10 – but it is generally the new Windows XP. A lot of people love it and it has a very user-friendly UI.

Windows 7 also has its own set of cons but if you are willing to adjust to them, there’s no reason you Home Premium today.

You may need to get new hardware. Windows 7 is relatively heavier than Windows XP, but not to worry as it boots much faster than Vista. If you’ve found the right gadget for it, then try and start using it for yourself. The second thing you may need to put up with Is that you can’t directly upgrade from XP to Win 7. You would need to install it on its own, however Windows 7 deposits old stuff from your harddrive on a folder named windows.old – This is where you can locate your older files. Third, you generally have to decide right away whether you will use either a 32-bit or 64-bit because installations ideally take place all in one go.

All in all, however, Windows 7 offers you the best of organization, intuitive UI and an attractive interface to make it an upward evolution of XP. A Windows 7 Home Premium Download will definitely do you much good if you are looking for an exceptional OS.